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The Casa of Rey De Flor was established in 2013 by a team of visionary designers for people who prefer quality products. Rey De Flor has placed a great emphasis on small details that combine to make such pure leather products that are bound to stand out.  

The year was 2023 when Rey De Flor reinvigorated its online boutique to extend the harmonious blend of timeless tradition and revolutionary innovation to everyone around us. Leather products are known to be rugged, but we decided to make it more than that by making it a memorable experience. We decided to take one step further by not thinking about what you need but what you want to have for yourself, and for that, we only approved selective hides from a reliable Columbia beef industry. 

A better living is only possible when your desires are fulfilled, and at Rey De Flor, all our bags, small leather goods, and home fragrances do that. Most importantly, we value you, so you don't have to break the bank to feel comfortable. 

It is a moment of honor for us when we successfully deliver quality products with artisanal produced in Columbia to the people over here. We believe in creating long-term relationships, and once you make a purchase, that is not just it because our post-purchase relationship is what makes Rey De Flor your go-to choice. We may have just begun, but the immense response from you guys is beyond tremendous, and we are here to stay and serve the same way forever.

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Modern vision of excellence
and craftsmanship that meets quality with service is our mission.