Quality & Service

When Rey De Flor came into existence, the foremost priority was to provide consistency in quality products for the years to come. Our designers spend their working hours with such dedication that your naked eye will witness the finesses in every single frame.

Whether it is the zipper, hardware or quality needlework, everything is designed to exceed what you are expecting. You don't always have to spend extra bucks to get what you want, it should always be convenient, and with Rey De Flor bags, it is possible. 

With up to 1 year of warranty, it is a small token of confidence that we have in our products. When we talk about convenience, it is not just in the feel of what you buy, which is obviously there, but to utilize warranty services, you can visit our authorized distributors. If they are not near you, then do not worry; you can do that from our official website as well. 

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Modern vision of excellence
and craftsmanship that meets quality with service is our mission.